Field station in Kobbefjord

At the end of the Kobbefjord, only 25 km from Nuuk, a small field station has been raised in autumn 2008. There are two small houses.  The larger is 55 m2 and contains a laboratory, storage facilities, accommodation with kitchen and four beds. The smaller house contains a generator.

It is primarily scientists working within the frame work of Nuuk Basic that use the field station. Also scientists from Greenland Climate Research Center at Greenland Institute of Natural Resources benefit from this station close to the offices in Nuuk. Read more about Nuuk Basic here

The Fieldstation is donated by Aage V. Jensens Foundations, that also has granted money for the boat Aage v. Jensen II, used for transport between Nuuk and Kobbefjorden.

The Fieldstation was inaugurated in September 2010. Photo: H. Lund

The fieldstation in Kobbefjord under construction. Photo: H. Lund