The Main Building

The 2.000 m2 large main building was inaugurated in 1998 and contains the facilities necessary for the Institute´s  activities: offices, laboratories, deep-freeze rooms, storage rooms, lconference and meeting rooms.

Pinngortitaleriffik, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, is situated in Nuuk in a building beautifully placed between the airport and the suburb Nuussuaq. Photo: C. Egevang.

The annex

The Institute has an annex with a large multi-room, which is used for meetings and seminars. Furthermore, the annex contains 5 flats and 8 rooms for visiting researchers, as well as a garage. The house 850 m2 large anneks was inaugurated in 2000.

The building is important to fascilitate guests and visiting researchers within the Institute´s research areas.

As the main building the annex is fully financed by the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundations. The 850-m2 two-story building is designed as a smaller-scale copy of the main building.

The annex’ address is Kivioq 3 – B3232, 3905 Nuussuaq.

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The annex was inaugurated november 2000. Photo: C. Egevang.

In addition, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources controls the “Biologist Station” in Nuuk. The Biologist Station used to function as laboratory, storage room, and housing for biologists stationed from the Greenland Fisheries Research. Today, it serves as official residence for the Director of the Institute.

The address for the Biology Station is Jens Kreutzmannip aqq. 36 – B-235, 3900 Nuuk.

The biology station in Nuuk.

Boat house in Nuuk

On June 19, 2012, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources inaugurated a new boathouse and warehouse in the harbor area in Vestervig, Nuuk. The boathouse has become a reality thanks to a donation of DKK 7.5 million. from the Aage V. Jensen’s Funds, while the Government of Greenland has financed the costs of earthworks and site development. In collaboration with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, a public access ramp has been established for boats in front of the boat house itself.

The boathouse has a built-up area of 332 sqm. plus a tire of 93 sqm. and thus total 425 sqm. The house is used for winter storage of the Institute’s fleet of smaller vessels, inflatables, etc., and is also equipped with pallet shelves in the sides for storage of technical research equipment. The house also contains a workshop, office and bathroom, so maintenance work for boats and equipment can be done indoors. A powerful  whinch can pull both directly from the harbor and into the house.

The boathouse in Nuuk. Foto: K. Nygaard.

Field station in Kobbefjorden

A smaller field station was built in Kobbefjorden to accommodate Nuuk Basic’s research. The field station was inaugurated in 2010.

Field station in Kobbefjorden.

Field station in Niaqornat

On November 1, 2007, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources opened a field station in the Niaqornat village in the Uummannaq fjord. An Illorput 82 type house was taken over from Uummannaq municipality in 2007 and was renovated so that it can serve as a base for residences and field activities in the area. The purpose of the field station is to have a place where, through longer stays in Niaqornat, it is possible to do research on white and narwhal whales in the area. Several other studies on other animals that are hunted and the environment in the area may also come up.
It is the hope of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources that the field station will be able to develop the cooperation between hunters and biologists and thus increase the understanding of both the biologists’ working methods and the conditions of the hunters.

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GINR has a field station in Niaqornat. Photo: E. W. Born.


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The address for Pikialaarfik – the Centre for Education is Kivioq 5, 3906 Nuussuaq.