Greenland Institute of Natural Resources includes the Center for Education in the Natural Sciences, which in 2017 inaugurated a new building named Pikialaarfik, for education designed for teaching and research in the natural sciences and health sciences. The building, which has about 1500 square meter of floor space, also contains top class teaching facilities, an auditorium, classrooms, a clinic, office space, a freezer room, and guest apartments. The building has been financed through combined donations from a series of private funds.

The education building will provide a framework for two semesters of natural science studies at the candidate level in connection with the ”Arctic Science Study Program (ASSP),” which Greenland’s Institute of Nature develops and completes together with Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, and other foreign universities. Greenland’s Climate Research Center, which is a department of Greenland’s Institute of Nature, coordinates the scientific activities in cooperation with the Center for Education in the Natural Sciences

Read more about the Arctic Science Study Program (ASSP) here.

The building also contains Greenland’s Center for Health Research, which is a center under ”Ilisimatusarfik“ and forms the center of education for the natural sciences, health sciences, and research in Greenland. The building will thus create a framework for university courses in the natural sciences and health sciences, as well as summer school and public arrangements.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources administers the funds provided in the finance bill for The Center of the Natural Sciences, and for the secretary for Greenland’s Center for Health Research.

Student projects

If you plan, within the near future, to begin your bachelor or master studies, there is the possibility that you can do it in cooperation with Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the university that you are enrolled at now.

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