Greenland Climate Research Centre

Greenland Climate Research Centre is an interdisciplinary research group which has a unique position within Greenland’s ocean ecology, changes in the ecosystem related to changes in Greenland’s inland ice cover, sea temperatures, as well as links to and effects of the Greenlandic society. We have broad experience and great expertise within the fields of nature and sociological research in Greenland.

Our main task is to generate research results that can help to develop a better understanding of the Greenlandic marine ecosystem, climate change, and the changes in the ecological basis for our living resources. It is of central importance that we are able to evaluate how the Greenlandic society will be affected by those changes. We are leading programs for ongoing monitoring of the ocean ecosystem and the oceanography along Greenland’s coast, and the social and economic dimensions of resource exploitation.

We develop and make available research based educational courses and supply them with research-based advice and guidance for the Greenlandic and the Danish authorities. We place a lot of emphasis on sharing our research results internationally and locally and anchoring our knowledge and competency in Greenland is very important.


The Greenland Climate Research Centre is funded by external funding, therefore their website is in English only.

You can access their website by clicking here.