Meeting- and education facilities

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has facilities at Pikialaarfik, dedicated to natural and health sciences education and research.

Pikialaarfik 1,500 square meter building houses state-of-the-art teaching facilities, laboratories, clinical rooms and office space for twenty-four staff and guests. The two large laboratories are well equipped for scientific education, and modern video conference equipment in an auditorium, meetings rooms and a classroom makes it possible to tune into teaching sessions from all over the world and broadcast instruction to other locations in Greenland.

At the same time, the modern and accommodating facilities with good acoustics and stylish furnishing provide ideal conditions for a study and work environment.



Application for booking of meeting rooms, education facilities, auditorium and office space is done by filling out and submitting the completed form to

You can find the application form here.


Price list

User fees are charged for some of the facilities and services provided by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

You can find the current price list here.


These meeting and educational facilities include:



  • Capacity of 70 people
  • Projector for presentation
  • Video conference system
  • Video streaming system (not yet operational)


  • Capacity of 14 (18) people 
  • Screen for presentations
  • Video conference system

CLASS ROOM (Room 307)

  • Capacity of 18 (20) people 
  • Screen for presentations

CHEMISTRY LABORATORY (Room 125) - Only preapproved chemicals allowed

  • Capacity of 15 (20) people 
  • 3 student tables for chemical analysis teaching each with multiple fume extractors
  • 2 fume hoods
  • Selected laboratory equipment (enquire regarding specifics)


  • 6 office places for visiting teachers (enquire regarding specifics)
  • 6 office places for students (enquire regarding specifics)
  • 11 office places for permanent staff
  • 2 health clinic rooms and storage rooms for permanent staff
  • 1 printer and copier room
  • Bathrooms


  • Capacity of 12 (14) people
  • Screen for presentations


  • Capacity of 12 (14) people 
  • Screen for presentations

WET LABORATORY (Room 124) - Only preapproved non-toxic chemicals allowed

  • Capacity of 15 (20) people  
  • 1 teaching table for versatile laboratory teaching
  • 3 student tables for versatile laboratory teaching 
  • Selected laboratory equipment (enquiry regarding specifics) 


  • Microbiology Laboratory – limited teaching capacity (enquire regarding specifics)
  • Oven room (drying oven, muffle furnace, autoclave)
  • Laboratory equipment storage rooms
  • Field equipment storage room


  • Canteen area – no service or sale (capacity of 20 people) 
  • Group tables in common areas

Wet laboratory in natural and health science education facilities.

Chemistry laboratory in natural and health science education facilities.

Class room in natural and health science education facilities.

Auditorium in natural and health science education facilities.

Meeting room in natural and health science education facilities.