The inauguration of the expansion building

Chairman of the Board of Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation, Attorney Mette Skov and Director Klaus Nygaard during the inauguration..


The collaboration between researchers, hunters and fishermen, the international research collaboration and future work on Greenland’s living resources, climate, environment and nature were the main topics at the speakers at a festive inauguration, where the new extension to the Natural Institute was handed over from Aage V. Jensen’s Foundations to The Government of Greenland.

Chairman of the board of Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation, Lawyer Mette Skov made the assignment in connection with a reception for about 100 invited guests. In her speech, Mette Skov highlighted the long-standing and very positive cooperation that has been since the 1980’s in connection with the Funds’ support for Greenland’s Home Rule and now Self-Government. The funds have supported a large number of projects, book publishing, field facilities, means of transport and as the largest donations the construction of the Institute, the institute’s accommodation and now extension to the institute. Mette Skov expressed her pleasure in this way, both to be able to contribute and witness to Greenland’s rapid development and work to secure a rich nature.

The collaboration between researchers, fishermen and hunters and the further strengthening of this was one of the main points of the Greenland Self-Government Anthon Frederiksen’s thank-you speech on behalf of the Greenland Self-Government, which receives the extension. Anthon Frederiksen emphasized the Greenland Self Government’s desire to ensure a diverse nature and emphasized that Aage V. Jensen’s Foundation’s support for the construction of Greenland’s Natural Institute has been the foundation that has made it possible to create an institution in Greenland, which society is proud of. And providing a scientific basis for the management of living resources. “On this basis, we in Greenland have been able to ensure sustainable use of our nature, and for more animal populations, the development has turned from a downward trend towards an upward trend,” said Anthon Frederiksen.

Director Klaus Nygaard spoke on behalf of the steering committee, and pointed out how crucially good physical facilities and well-functioning logistics are for a strong development. Klaus Nygaard warmly thanked Aage V. Jensen’s Foundation for the visionary and persistent commitment, and thanked the contractors, craftsmen and advisers for a good collaboration and a great result in the form of the beautiful new building.

Extension of approx. The 820 sqm2 contains office space for 25 employees, meeting room, laboratories, storage room, bicycle cellar and a lounge area. The extension is an extension of the institute and follows the original building in terms of expression, material choice and quality. The building is financed by a donation from the Aage V. Jensen Foundation of approx. 33 million DKK. The donation also includes fixtures, new freezer facilities, conference facilities and remodeling in the main building.