The governors

The Govenors

  • Chairman Gert Mulvad (MD, Dronning Ingrids Sundhedscenter, Dronning Ingrids Hospital)
  • Mette Skarregaard Pedersen  (The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice)
  • Jørgen Isak Olsen (The Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture)
  • Lone Nukaaraq Møller (The Ministry of Education and Research)
  • Henrik Sandgreen (The Greenlandic Employers Association )
  • Brian Buus Pedersen (The Greenlandic Employers Association)
  • Karl Kleist (The Federation of Greenlandic Sheep Farmers Associations)
  • Rasmus Hedeholm (Delegate, Pinngortitaleriffik)
  • Jukka Wagnholt (Delegate, Pinngortitaleriffik)
  • Klaus Nygaard (Delegate, Pinngortitaleriffik)
  • Else Løvstrøm (Delegate, Pinngortitaleriffik)

GINR/Pinngortitaleriffik´s Board of Governors has an advisory research committee attached to it. The Committee is to advise the Board of Governors on preparation and approval of the Institute´s long-term work programmes.

In addition, the Research Committee is to assess the Institute´s research at appropriate intervals. Members of the Research Committee are appointed for a 3-year period.

The chairman is appointed by the Greenland Government upon recommendation by the Institute´s Board of Governors. The remaining members are appointed by research institutions on request by the Board of Governors.

Members of the Advisory Research Committee

  • Kevin McCormick, chairman. Northern Conservation Division, Canada
  • Tore Haud, Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norway
  • Hans Lassen, ICES, Denmark

The management

The management consists of:

  • Klaus Nygaard, Director
  • Helle Siegstad, Head of the Department of Fish and Shellfish
  • Fernando Ugarte, Head of the Department of Birds and Mammals
  • Josephine Nymand, Head of the Department of Environment and Mineral Resources
  • Kathrine Lund Olsen, Head of Administration
  • Malene Simon, Head of Department ad interim, Greenland Climate Research Centre
  • Else Løsvstrøm, Communication manager, Information Office

Departments and staff

In addition to the three research departments and the administration, the Institute includes the Greenland Climate Research Centre.

A Communications Office is attached to the management, while a cross-departmental logistics unit belongs under the Administrative Department and a cross-departmental IT/data unit belongs under the Department of Fish and Shellfish.

The shipmasters of the Institute´s research ships and dinghies report to the head of the Administrative Department.

Through the annual Financial Act, the Institute have funding for approx. 60 employees. Apart from this the Institute has a continuous number of externally-financed employees in various projects.

List of staff  at Greenland Institute of Natural Resources